'Christmas Hours' films live in Bristol, New Britain up next

Published on Wednesday, 9 August 2017 09:34
Written by Lorenzo Burgio


BRISTOL - Two storefronts on Main Street were used as filming locations Tuesday for the upcoming movie “Christmas Hours” that will feature Mario Lopez and Melissa Joan Hart.

The movie, which is about two competing toy company owners teaming up to battle a corporate store and then fall in love, will feature the storefronts of the former Barley Vine gastro pub and The Shaffer Company.

The locations were chosen because of the styles and aesthetics of the buildings matched the production crew’s vision for the movie, explained Andrew Gernhard, who is producing the movie. He added that filming will only happen in Bristol for the one day.

“We were looking for a certain look and there was a very particular vision,” Gernhard said.

Gernhard explained that the entire movie was supposed to be filmed in New Britain, but the crew was attracted by the visuals of the store fronts.

However, the inside of Amato’s Toy Store, located at 283 Main St. in New Britain, will be filmed and used as the inside of the toy stores in the movie, explained Gernhard.

Even though the two stores are down the street from each other, Gernhard said that in the movie they will be across the street from each other.

Members of the public were asked to be extras in the movie, but had to be dressed in winter clothing because the movie takes part around Christmas time.

One of those chosen was Jessica Vinhateiro, who works in Bristol. She had to wear an orange winter coat and walk down the sidewalk in front of “Dinovo Toy.”

“It’s a little weird,” Vinhateiro said. “[He said] who won the English Tournament I believe was the question. I had answered it incorrectly. I said Switzerland and then he said here, put this on [the winter coat].”

A scene was also shot on the side of Bristol Public Library on Tuesday and another at Super Natural Market on Monday night.

Gernhard explained that the crew will be using the production studio and green screen at Central Connecticut State University to produce the movie.

Gernhard noted he is from Rocky Hill and lived in Bristol for 10 years, adding that all except for one of his movies has been filmed in Connecticut.

“Bristol has been great and very supportive,” Gernhard said. “It’s been great working with the people here and at the development authority.”

The movie is being produced by Hartbreak Films, which is owned by Paula Hart and Melissa Joan Hart.

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