Scary sites scattered around area

Published on Monday, 30 October 2017 22:09
Written by Angie DeRosa

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Some local homes, buildings, churches and even an amusement park have spirited pasts. Here are a few locations worthy of a bit of Halloween lore.

“The Haunting in Connecticut” House, Southington

The story that inspired the 2009 thriller “The Haunting in Connecticut” is about the Snedeker family who moved from upstate New York to a home in Southington in the 1980s.

The family had claimed their son would hear strange noises and see shadows of a man in his room located in the basement, which used to be a morgue. Other unusual activity would continue throughout the home so demonologists Ed and Lorraine Warren came to visit. They claimed to have felt an evil presence and in 1988 performed an exorcism to rid the house of any demons.

The owners of the house today told the New York Daily News when the movie came out that they had never experienced any paranormal activity since buying it in 1999.

Lake Compounce, Bristol/Southington

Known as being the oldest continuously operated theme park in the United States, Lake Compounce has been providing an outlet for thrill seekers since 1846.

Legend has it the park was doomed well before an amusement park was planned for the property. In 1684, shortly after trading the land to a group of white settlers, John Compound, the Native American chief the park is named after, died. The cause of his death still remains unclear. Damned Connecticut - a website dedicated to all legends and hauntings in the state - has three versions. One has it that he drowned in the lake “while trying to cross it in a large brass kettle.” Another says he committed suicide after he realized he hadn’t gotten a fair value for the land and another suggests his tribe murdered him in anger for giving away their land.

Church of Eternal Light, Bristol

Although there is no known evidence of a disturbing past, the Church of Eternal Light is said to be haunted. It was originally built in 1884 as a schoolhouse until the teacher moved out of town a year later and then became a chapel. It is one of three original churches in Bristol.

In 2001, it officially became a Pagan Spiritualist church. The founding structure remains intact, while the steeple and bell tower were add-ons in the early 21st century. People have claimed to have seen orbs and ghostly figures there.

Trinity-on-Main, New Britain

Trinity-on-Main was built in 1891 as the Trinity United Methodist Church. In 2000, a nonprofit organization saved the structure from being demolished and now serves as a cultural center for arts, community and education.

In 2014, GONE Paranormal, led by spiritual medium Lisa Lanno, visited the site and concluded it was haunted. Lanno and her team reported their tools to detect spirits continuously went off with activity. Throughout the building, orbs were seen and cold spots were felt.

Lanno said she sensed the presence of multiple spirits and a teddy bear that had been placed in the theater area had moved, according to a WTNH reporter who went along with the team.

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