Artist wraps up stint at New Britain Industrial Museum

Published on Thursday, 24 January 2019 20:54
Written by Karla Santos


NEW BRITAIN - Wednesday was Stamford artist Rachel Lussier’s last day at the New Britain Industrial Museum after spending the past two weeks creating an art piece.

Lussier had a series of paintings in the city last summer at Gallery 66, and the New Britain Industrial Museum helped facilitate that show.

“To return the favor, I said, ‘How about I come to the museum and I will do a painting of the New Britain Industrial Museum’s collection, and the result of that painting, I want to give it to the museum so they can raffle it as a fundraising device,’ ” Lussier said.

The piece Lussier painted was the E.A. Moore Stanley Tool Chest. It had been given to a former president of The Stanley Works. During the process, visitors were welcome to stop by, watch and ask questions.

“As I was doing it, people would come, walk in, look over my shoulder and I kind of walked them through the process of what I’m painting, how I’m painting, how the painting evolved from a simple blank canvas to a completed piece,” Lussier said. “Then I stand here and I hear the director of the museum giving tours so I end up learning more about the collection.”

Lussier said she enjoyed having people look over her shoulder and sharing the process with them.

“I embrace that as part of the art-making experience,” Lussier said. “It’s sharing the experience with people - not just my own artistic objectives, but kind of bringing people along as the painting evolves. By working live, I kind of give people a window into that art-making experience.”

To learn more about the Industrial Museum visit or call 860-832-8654. To learn more about Lussier, visit her website at .

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