'Shrek, The Musical' coming to Berlin High for 3 performances

Published on Wednesday, 27 February 2019 20:47
Written by Karla Santos


BERLIN - Area residents don’t have to go to Broadway to watch “Shrek, The Musical,” since Berlin High School students are preparing their own production.

Berlin High School’s music and theater arts department presents “Shrek, The Musical,” based on the 2001 animated film, on March 8 and 9 at 7 p.m. and March 10 at 2 p.m.

“There’s tons of music and dancing and it’s a really fun and exciting show,” Tyler Boyle, director of choral music at Berlin High School, said.

According to Boyle, the 2 1/2-hour performance will include everyone’s favorite characters from the movie.

Over 75 BHS students make up the cast, crew and orchestra, all of whom are now in the last stages of preparation.

“Some of these students, they live for musical theater and they eat, sleep and breathe this kind of stuff,” Boyle said. “Others, they just enjoy doing something kind of different than their usual day-to-day during the academic hours of school and working with their friends and kind of coming together. This is our team. This is their experience to work with others and build their communication and team work skills.”

Boyle is the director and executive producer of the show.

The school’s band director is the show’s music director. He is teaching all the music, hiring the orchestra and conducting the actual performances.

The school also hired a technical director, who oversees the student-run crew. He is in charge of set design and helps organize the construction.

A student choreographed most of the show, but an outside choreographer was hired to help with some of the larger ensemble numbers.

“This is a really big show in regards to some of the technical components,” Boyle said. “There are a lot of moving pieces. There are a lot of puppets that are required, special backdrops and lighting effects, different things like that, that are really specific to ‘Shrek, the Musical’s story, so we worked really hard making sure that what we have on our stage is a near resemblance of what you would have seen in the Broadway show or in the animated movie.”

Despite the difficulty of trying to get all the technical components together, Boyle said, the students have done a great job putting the show together after school and sometimes even on the weekend.

In addition to having staged and seen an entertaining production, Boyle said, the cast members and the audience will go home having learned a moral lesson.

“It’s a really wonderful story of learning to accept yourself, love yourself, be comfortable in your own skin literally and figuratively, seeing the good in others and respecting the differences we share with one another, but at the end of the day, valuing what everyone can add to the world,” Boyle said.

“Our kids have done such a great job embracing that message and promoting the message. I think it’s an important message and theme in today’s world, particularly for high school students but really for everyone to learn to not only accept and acknowledge the talents that each of us have individually but also respect what others can add to the world and accept our differences and realize that those are ultimately the things that make us special and unique from one another.”

Tickets can be purchased online at berlinschools.org.

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