Thefts from cars increasing in Berlin

Published on Monday, 17 April 2017 22:39
Written by LISA BACKUS


BERLIN - A rash of thefts from cars over the weekend means that car break-ins now account for 53 percent of larcenies reported in Berlin this year, according to police.

Cars were burglarized on Percival Avenue and Sbona Road Saturday night or early Sunday morning, Chief John Klett said. In each incident, just as in the 22 others reported since March 13, the cars were unlocked, he said.

“In some cases, there were three cars parked in the driveway, but the only one that was broken into was the one that was unlocked,” Klett said.

Police have been warning residents for months to keep their cars locked after sundown, especially from midnight to 5 a.m.

The town has seen a greater than 100 percent increase in car break-ins since 2014. In 2016, there were 90 break-ins, compared to 41 in 2014.

This year, police have investigated 51 car break-ins, Klett said, 53 percent of the town’s 96 total larcenies.

Thefts from parked cars also were reported in the overnight hours of April 2-3, March 13-14, and every overnight from March 20 through March 30.

In many cases, the thieves would drop off two to six people at the end of a street to look for unlocked cars, with the group reuniting elsewhere and fleeing, according to Klett.

Residents need to keep their car doors locked, with all valuables out of sight, he said, and call police if they see anything suspicious.

“If your4 dog is barking or you see a light on that normally isn’t on, or anything else suspicious, I’d rather have people call so we can check it out,” Klett said.

In addition to locking car doors and hiding any valuables, people should never leave keys in the car, he said. Several cars have been stolen because keys or a fob was left inside.

“It’s not just in Berlin,” Klett said of the break-ins. “Every town in the suburbs is being hit.”

Anyone who sees anything suspicious can call 860-828-7080. Emergencies should be called in to 911.

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