Networking event helps Berlin businesses put PEP in their marketing

Published on Thursday, 20 April 2017 22:11
Written by Charles Paullin

Staff Writer

BERLIN - In the fourth installment of connecting Berlin businesses to one another, the Economic Development Commission and Economic Development Director Chris Edge held a networking event last month in the Town Hall rotunda.

More than 20 businesses from town, including members of People’s and Liberty banks on Farmington Ave., Ferndale Market Fresh on Chamberlain Highway and Euro-American Connections & Homecare on the Berlin Turnpike, met with each other to hear Bill Doerr, chief compliance officer of SellMore Marketing LLC, and explore ways put PEP into your network.

“That stands for promote yourself, engage in your network and partner with others who can introduce you to their networks,” said Doerr. “Get your butt out there, things can happen.”

According to Doerr, businesses all have an audience, customers, clients or patients. If those individuals have interest in another business, there’s a good chance those individuals of that businesses will have interest in the first business.

“If your audience is of interest to another person in town, partner up with them, because their clients and customers are probably of interest to your business,” said Doerr. “There’s a synergy that comes from hooking up with someone who gets to know, like and trust you enough to open up their Rolodex to other partners.”

One example was when Doerr spoke with Peter Campanelli of Cambridge Specialty, a manufacturer in town who was looking for someone in engineering. Doerr recalled an individual he met previously, Greg Tuers, who was in attendance that works in engineering and was able to connect them.

“I thought it was a very nice approach to the town,” said Maggie Dragg, founder and owner of Euro-American care, who has attended networking events in the past. “It’s good to know other business in town, who they are and how we can support each other.”

Dragg explained that during the event, she was able to meet owners of other businesses in town that she supports, such as Edwin Jr., the son of Ferndale Market Fresh owner Edwin Sanchez, which helped put a face to the business and incentivize her to shop there more often.

“What Berlin is doing is really helping to encourage partnering amongst relevant business to cross promote who have similar audiences but complimentary capabilities,” said Doerr. “Instead of just hoping that it happens, people like Chris are being proactive in making it come about.”

“It was a nice coming together engagement opportunity, and as a result of that the engagement started happening very logically and very naturally, very organically. It was good,” added Doerr. “I hope not only this town but other towns will do it more often.”

“I think that since Chris Edge started working for the town of Berlin that the town has benefited from his activities, and his relationships,” said Dragg, who explained that Edge has helped her with navigating through Planning and Zoning and other departments of town. “He’s very caring about the town of Berlin and the businesses who are in town and if he tells you something that he will do for you, you know that it’s going to be done.”

“It went very well,” said Edge. “Having (Doerr) speak really takes what we have been working toward for future businesses to support each other. Eat local, bank local and shop local.”

Edge added that he and the commission are looking forward to continue the momentum of other events, which include, a Berlin Turnpike conversation, in which property owners, tenants and stakeholders in the turnpike can discuss its progress and the future of the turnpike on May 11 at 5:30 p.m. at the Best Western at 2253 Berlin Turnpike.

The commission will also hold an awards night at Shuttle Meadow Country Club, 51 Randecker Lane on May 24. RSVP is required as well as a cost that is still being finalized. The commission will also host a bus tour highlighting commercial real estate opportunities in town for developers, business and real estate individuals in early June, followed by a barbecue, with details still be determined.

“We’re excited about what’s happening in town,” said Edge. For more information on economic development in Berlin, edge can be reached at

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