Berlin Town Council OKs formation of golf course panel

Published on Tuesday, 19 September 2017 22:22
Written by Skyler Frazer

Staff Writer

BERLIN - The Town Council Tuesday night voted to adopt an ordinance establishing a Public Golf Course Commission for Timberlin Golf Course.

The commission will make and enforce rules for the golf course, provide input and recommendations for contract negotiation, and work with the director of golf to develop and establish any alteration and capital improvement plans.

“It’s an important asset to the town, probably one of the biggest assets to our town, so I think it demands some, perhaps, additional attention,” said Mayor Mark Kaczynski.

A chairman, vice chairman and secretary would be elected at the first meeting and any vacancy would be filled by the Town Council. There is no provision on removal of members if meetings are missed.

The commission also will provide approval on a budget for the course, but it will not be responsible for creating the budget. The budgetary process will be similar to that of the department, so budget submission will be made to the town manager, with the town manager submitting it to the council for final approval.

The golf director will adopt a schedule of fees, rates, rentals and charges for the golf course, in cooperation with the commission, after approval by the Town Council at its first meeting in January.

The council will make appointments to the commission in October after looking over applications. The commission will consist of seven resident electors, who will be appointed by the Town Council to three-year terms. No more than four members can be from the same political party, per state statutes.

Councilor Rachael Rochette said it is important when appointing the commission to make sure that its members “balance out” and aren’t all from one association or another association.

The council also approved an ordinance amendment cleaning up parts of the town’s peddler and solicitor license revocation process.

“This was unfortunately brought to light by an instance with someone who had been granted a license and wasn’t doing what they said they were going to do, and also I believe had some other issues from another town. So its to keep our town safe,” Kaczynski said.

In the amendment, the process to revoke a license for peddlers and solicitors will consist of issuing a notice of violation. Then, the license holder would have 15 days to request an appeal - and a hearing - with an appeals officer who would be designated by the town manager. The appeals officer must not be a member or employee of the police department.

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