Berlin police promote pair

Published on Tuesday, 10 April 2018 21:12
Written by Charles Paullin


BERLIN - Two police officers were promoted last week, as another retired.

Michael Jobes was promoted to lieutenant to oversee the new detective division, while John Flynn was promoted to sergeant.

“I’d like to thank the commission, the chief and deputy chief for having the faith and confidence in me for this promotion,” said Jobes, who also wanted that all the officers that helped him. “I’d also like to thank my wife and a family for all the help along the way … proud to be a member of the Berlin Police Department.

The new division he’ll oversee was formerly a bureau and part of the support services division that Lt. James Gosselin had overceen. With the switch to a division, Jobes can now report directly to Deputy Chief Chris Ciuci, and take some responsibility off the plate of Gosselin, Police Chief John Klett has previously said about the move. The new division will add an emphasis on drug enforcement, Klett has also said.

Jobes, an Air Force veteran who joined the department in 1994, was in charge of the accreditation maintenance and Field Training Officer program throughout his years at Berlin, Klett said. He was pinned by his wife, Diane.

“It really kind of stinks, to be honest with you,” said Flynn on the promotion process.

He said there are numerous books to read in about three to four weeks and an oral board process. He said he consulted his wife about going for the promotion, but was proud of his accomplishment.

“Here, there’s only seven sergeants in the whole police department, so to get into this position, it’s very, very challenging and its very competitive,” he added. He said in New Britain, eight sergeants are promoted at once, requiring applicants only to be in the top eight.

Flynn, a retired 20-year member of the New Britain Police Department, where he was a sergeant, started in Berlin in 2013, Klett said. The president of the police union, he is a field traffic officer, bicycle officer and member of the mentor program.

“I promise I won’t fall asleep once,” Flynn said, noting that he will be put on the midnight shift. He was pinned by his daughter, Jessica.

Police Commission Chairman Bob Peters joked about not knowing Jobes, as he’s had a quiet record while moving up through the ranks, and that Flynn must have known somebody to be promoted within five years.

“I congratulate both men and wish them the very best,” he said.

Sgt. Todd Lentini retired from the department effective April 2. “Retirement’s good,” said Lentini, who was in attendance. He said he’ll still be working another job though to help his kids attending college. Mayor Mark Kaczynski, Police Commissioner Ryan Zelek and members of the New Britain Police Department were also in attendance.

Last month Lt. Drew Gallupe and Sgt. Bryan Gould were promoted to their positions, to replace the vacancies created when Klett and Ciuci were promoted to their positions, after former Chief Paul Fitzgerald retired in October.

Peters said these promotions will probably be the department’s last for a while.


Posted in New Britain Herald, Berlin on Tuesday, 10 April 2018 21:12. Updated: Wednesday, 11 April 2018 23:39.