Berlin welcomes another new business to Farmington Avenue, Fitness By Design training studio

Published on Wednesday, 27 October 2021 17:41
Written by Ciara Hooks


BERLIN – Newport Realty Group added yet another business to its flourishing building on Farmington Ave. Tony Valenti and Mark Lovley joined the town at the ribbon cutting ceremony Wednesday morning to welcome Fitness By Design.

“We’re excited to have Meaghan and Fitness By Design join our Newport Team,” said Valenti, Newport Realty Group.

“We’re happy to have her as a tenant,” said Lovley, Newport Realty Group. “It’s a good addition to the building and we wish her much success.”

Fitness By Design, a private training studio, is owned by Meaghan Massenat. The studio offers private training for men, women and children. There are kids and teens fitness programs, yoga small group classes and Barre small group sessions. Groups are typically 2-10 members.

“This is great; it’s beautiful,” said Mark Kaczynski, Berlin mayor. “It’s a nice new space for them and it’s great that their members like the location better than where they were. This is a nice new developing area here so I think it’s good for them and I’m glad their business is coming back.”

The studio has anywhere from eight to 10 staff members.

“Our niche is the women-only small group personal training,” Massenat said. “This setup gives me the flexibility to still be able to be a mom to three kids and I can relate to the women here that have a lot that they’re juggling. We are here to create that little fitness family and give them that outlet, stress relief sort of thing. We have personal trainers and a physical therapist who also works with youth athletes doing sports training.”

Massenat signed the lease at 848 Farmington Avenue about five months ago.

“This space always stood out to me even before Newport Realty Group owned it,” she said. “I just loved the location and look of the building. It just wasn’t feasible at the time. The fact Newport Realty Group was able to help with the build out made it a really good option. I just loved the development going on around this area; I just wanted to be a part of that. And it gives us more traffic, too. We’ve only been open a month and seen a lot more traffic than we normally did, so it was definitely a good decision.”

“There is continued progress and excitement on the ground floor here,” said Chris Edge, economic development director. “And more and better to come along on Farmington Avenue.”

The build out for the 2,200 square foot space was done in about four months.

“I gave my input for the design and then the contractors did all the work, which was nice not having that all on me,” Massenat said. “It wasn’t too bad; they seem to be able to get pretty much everything they needed as far as the supplies and getting the work done.”

With the expansion of space, Fitness By Design added a retail shop to the business.

“That’s new, we didn’t have that before,” Massenat said. “It sells fitness clothing, athleisure wear, and some fitness products like yoga matts, foam rollers and little acupuncture items.”

Fitness By Design was formerly on Webster Square Road. They moved into the new location the last weekend of September and officially opened its doors again on Sept. 27.

“We love it. It feels really good in here,” Massenat said. “Things have been great. Our members we already had came with us, and then we’ve probably got 20 new members so far, so about double the number of members we would get in a month. Because of covid we were set back but we’re getting back to normal numbers I would say.”

Massenat has been a part of the Berlin community for about seven years. She is from Massachusetts and received a Masters Degree in Exercise in Florida.

Massenat took over Fitness By Design, which was owned by someone else, in 2015.

“I was pregnant with my third child and I was working in physical therapy and I just wanted to be able to do the personal training thing again, which I had done before in Florida, so I decided to start my personal training business again,” she said.

Fitness By Designcan be reached at 860-828-5851 or

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