Berlin children get hands-on lesson during debut of Energize CT's Energy in Action exhibit

Published on Thursday, 23 June 2022 17:34
Written by Erica Drzewiecki


BERLIN – From learning how many steps it takes for different types of energy to reach their homes, to powering everyday things with their own energy, kids enjoyed a hands-on lesson outside the Berlin-Peck Memorial Library Thursday.

It was the official debut of Energize CT’s Energy in Action Mobile Exhibit and all were excited to take part. But before they even stepped inside this innovative energy laboratory on wheels, kids played a few introductory games with Energy in Action representative Nancy Iskander.

“Do you want to save the earth?” she asked them.

“Yes!” they shouted.

“How many times did you flush today?” earned a few giggles before the group learned that flushing every few times they use the bathroom instead of every time saves vital water.

“This brand new exhibit is being unveiled publicly today but it’s actually already visited at least 36 sites since March,” Eversource Energy Efficiency Director Ron Araujo told the group.

Energize CT sponsors, including Eversource, United Illuminating, CT Natural Gas and Southern CT Gas, did some grassroots outreach over the last few months and the Energy in Action exhibit is now booked through this November.

“We used to have one of these in an actual building in North Haven,” Energy Efficiency Board Vice-Chair Amy McLean said, explaining that due to the lack of visitors, they decided to take it on the road. “What you guys are going to learn today is how energy is made,” she added. “We have to make sure all the stuff we do is not polluting the air and contributing to climate change.”

When it was his turn to speak, United Illuminating Residential, Conservation and Load Management Manager Larry Rush told the kids, “I don’t want to hold you guys up anymore. Go in and enjoy the exhibit.”

Inside they took part in eight different energy-related experiments.

The Energy Grid, for example, showed them how it takes a whole lot more steps for gas to become energy than it does for solar, water and wind power.

The Light Wall was one of the last activities. Here, kids had the opportunity to commit to ways they will save energy, placing corresponding colored pegs to create a wall of lights, thus “one united community.”

“Berlin is centrally-located so this worked out well for us,” Araujo pointed out of the exhibit’s unveiling.

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