Yanosy stepping down as head coach of Berlin girls soccer

Published on Friday, 16 June 2017 22:59


Berlin- After 15 years of making the calls on the sidelines for the Berlin girls soccer team, Steve Yanosy is stepping down.

“I wanted to be more of a father and a family man,” Yanosy said. “It was just that time to make the decision. It was hard to balance the coaching and raising a family.”

The decision was a long time coming, as he started to consider stepping down at the end of last season when both he and his wife knew they were expecting a new member to their family, a third child, a boy, that was recently born.

Jeff Mauri, Berlin’s Athletic Director, said Katie Amenta will take over the coaching duties for the team next year. Mauri has full confidence that Amenta, who is an English teacher, will keep Yanosy’s legacy of competitive soccer going.

“I am hoping she can continue what Yanosy has built,” Mauri said. “It’s a strong program and very successful. She has tremendous traits which I think will make her a great head coach.”

Yanosy said breaking the news to his players was difficult because of their special bond, but he knew they would respect the decision. Plus, he said, they could always turn to him about anything.

“We held a meeting and I told all the girls it wasn’t a decision faced lightly,” Yanosy said. “I went back and forth to make this work, having a family and being a coach. They were a little disappointed, but they understood where I was coming from.”

Yanosy fondly looked back on his coaching career, but not able to pick one memory that stood out most, as he feels each team over the years were different and had their own traits.

“It’s the relationship you build with the girls,” Yanosy said. “Every team was different and took upon their own personality, and to see them grow as not only as soccer players, but as people was special. I just want to see them be successful in whatever they pursue.”

Yanosy says it was a bittersweet moment for his wife. Although his wife appreciates the move Yanosy is making for the family, she would usually attend the games, and in his words, she was like the “unpaid assistant coach.”

“It was definitely a decision that we made together and obviously we thought a lot about it and she would always come to the game and help me out,” Yanosy said. “It just had to be done for the family.”

Yanosy will still teach physical education and health at Berlin High and he is hoping now with an easier schedule, he will be there for the big moments of his children’s lives.

“Just spending time with my family. I am coaching my son and daughter and I have a new baby boy. Just focus on him and spend time with them,” Yanosy said. “They are at this age once. I hate missing any of their stuff.”

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