CCSU PD receives award for work with new app

Published on Friday, 20 July 2018 19:20
Written by Kristina Vakhman

Special to the Herald

NEW BRITAIN - Lauded for its commitment to campus safety and to the well-being of the campus community, the Central Connecticut State University Police Department was presented with the LiveSafe Rookie of the Year Award on Friday.

“We are honored to be recognized, and to bring another layer of safety to our community,” CCSU Police Chief Gregory Sneed said.

The award highlights “clients who have recently joined the LiveSafe family who demonstrate an outstanding use of the platform in a short period of time,” according to LiveSafe. Central introduced the free LiveSafe app - which is a mobile two-way safety communications platform and risk mitigation tool - to the campus community last year.

With LiveSafe, the CCSU Police Department beat Gannon University in Pennsylvania and Georgia’s Savannah State University for quickly responding to a student who was inflicting self-harm and ideating suicide.

“Approximately a week or two after we launched the app, we had a tip come in of a student in crisis,” Sneed explained. “We were able to get there, intervene, provide the services that were needed for the student and get a successful resolve out of that.”

Sneed and the rest of the CCSU Police Department are hoping to expand the number of students, faculty and staff who’ve downloaded the app. During summer orientation, he and others are encouraging incoming freshmen to have it on their mobile devices, as it makes reaching the police department easier than ever before and vice versa.

“The mere fact that it’s another way for people to contact us [is great]. People can do it by using their name or doing it anonymously. It also provides us a way for students to text us or film something and send it to us,” Sneed stated. “We’re going to be doing a lot of our notifications through it. We have several systems and now we also want to use the LiveSafe app to alert people. It’s been a great tool.”

Additionally, Sneed said users could utilize the app’s WalkSafe function, his personal favorite, which lets users act as virtual escorts for one another; as an example, a student could have a friend track them through the app while they walk to their destination at night.

“I believe it has increased campus safety and added another layer of security in addition to all of the other services that we have. It makes our community feel safer,” Sneed finished.

The LiveSafe app is available for free on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. For more information on LiveSafe, visit

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