A POINT TO PONDER: Rejoice and be blessed this Easter

Published on Sunday, 9 April 2017 21:11
Written by Phil Mikan

The coming week for all Christians is the high holy holiday of the Christian calendar, Easter week. Since Ash Wednesday and the beginning of Lent, Christians have been making ready for the miracle of Easter Sunday, the celebration of the salvation of the children of God by Jesus Christ.

Maundy Thursday - the night Christ was taken in the garden to fulfill his destiny - begins holy week for Christians. Then Good Friday, the day of his crucifixion and death; Holy Saturday, the day of mourning and loss (mass is not celebrated by the Catholic church on this day), a day of reflection and penitence.

This all leads up to Easter Sunday, the day of joy, resurrection and the rebirth of the Holy Spirit on the people. Easter is a celebration of renewed spiritual connection with the God of our fathers the universal force of life.

The symbols of life have always been the renewal of life: “Spring,” “new life,” chicks out of their eggshell, newborn bunnies, nests of just-born robins. All these symbols celebrate new life and fresh starts - the gifts of God.

Easter, the time for Christian families to affirm their belief in Christ and God and show the love of family and rejoice for the blessings we receive. Love of family and friends, and the knowledge that God is our guide through this test called life.

A very special Easter wish to you all, and may the God of our fathers bless and watch over you all.

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