A POINT TO PONDER: The real world? Will Trump bring change?

Published on Sunday, 16 April 2017 21:20
Written by Phil Mikan

Okay, the holy days are over, and we are on the clock of the real world. I am upset, as many Americans are, that Syria was attacked at the president’s orders, and that we are looking at a faceoff with the North Koreans. The Koreans have got to be stopped from developing a deliverable nuclear device, but do we have to do it looking down the barrel of a gun?

I think I’m most upset with the apparent conversion of President Trump from the people’s president to the banker and international corporations’ man. It is a great disappointment for many people. Trump is falling into the same world of former American leaders (same old, same old). The conspiracy faction is saying the gas attack was not ordered by the Syrian leadership, and others are demanding proof. But the fact is Trump was convinced very quickly to react.

I fear he is going to get lost in a reactive government rather than control an administration with the agenda promised in the election. The first two months of his term in office were exciting because he was trying to fulfill his steps to make America great again.

I think we are all holding our breath to see if that was the last of the Donald Trump who promised change and reorganization of the government. The powers of the mighty are difficult to turn away - like trying to turn a aircraft carrier around. A world government looks closer than it did yesterday.

The music seems to be changing, and the new script is being written as we watch. The question is why?


A point to ponder.

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