Journeys with Jim: More to fishing than just casting your line

Published on Wednesday, 26 April 2017 18:59


I always thought that the best time to go fishing was anytime I could, even if it meant calling out sick from work (one of my favorites). Little did I know there’s so much more to it than just showing up near a body of water, armed with night crawlers, meal worms and all my other fishing accoutrements. No sir, there’s so much more to the equation than meets the eye. The moon phase, water temperature, tide, even the dreaded barometric pressure needs to be carefully considered before you could even have a slight chance of success. “What can I catch with one of those shinny gold lures?” I asked the guy in a local bait shop many years ago. “Anything from pumpkin seeds to stripers,” came the authoritative response. “I’ll take two,” I said. For about $8, how could I go wrong? Well, I never did catch anything with any of those lures. They’re still in the bottom of my fishing box, collecting rust. Maybe one day, if all the stars line up just so and the tide is right, I’ll tie one of those lure on and I’ll show those fish, alright.

The older I get, the more I realize that fishing is really fun and not a something to be over planned or thought about too much. Just go with the flow, so to speak. Not forgetting to pack a lunch is really important, maybe the most essential part of the whole process, I think.

I spent a day last week down on the Housatonic River, starting in Derby, at Sullivan’s Landing. I tried not to notice that I sort of missed the tide, as the water was very low in deed. After a few casts and a few more casts. I came to the conclusion that I was expending a lot of energy with little to show for it. Packing it up, I next headed farther down river to Milford, to fish a new spot that I heard about from a friend’s son. I found the place to be rather peaceful and quiet, a nice area, much to my liking. However, the tide was still out and the fishing was a bit of a bust. I’ll go back again another time, I’m sure.

The weekend found me up at West Hill Pond, aboard my friend Pete Weary’s boat. We started out by trolling the length of the pond without a strike. As we made the turn back to the south, we noticed a couple of boats near one of the private beaches. We decided to try our luck near them and seemed to hit on the mother lode of trout. We nearly caught our limit each and threw back a number of “smallies”.

We enjoyed some good fishing, had a lot of laughs and good conversation, not to mention lunch on the boat. No tide tables, weather graphs or electronic gadgets. Fishing as it should be, simple and fun. Until next time, enjoy the outdoor life.

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