A POINT TO PONDER: Future of AI? Just some intelligence would be good.

Published on Sunday, 13 August 2017 20:39
Written by Phil Mikan

Elon Musk, a founding father of PayPal (which he sold to EBay for billions of dollars), has taken his money and invested in the new future as he and many others see it - Space X and Tesla motors.

He seeks to upgrade transport systems by going underground and has captured the attention of Generation America.

Generation America is the next generation to decide if America stays national or becomes part of a tightly controlled federation of formerly independent sovereign countries.

Musk is trying to move the country and the world to the next great transition civilization renewable energy and to end the dependence on fossil fuel - and it looks like he is moving the ball upfield. As a result of his projects, he has started a nonprofit company that is exploring and developing artificial intelligence - Open AI. Amazon is involved as well.

One of the results of Open AI recently won a contest between a world champion internet gamer. That’s right, a robot beat a person.

Musk has for many years stated the government should start regulating this effort now. He feels that AI could overtake human intelligence and turn us into house cats - Pets they love and, we hope, tolerate.

You know, with what I’ve seen happening in the Emerald City and other parts of the country, and the world for that matter, maybe the only hope for the people of the world is to become house pets for something smart - intelligence is not very apparent with our political class nor citizens in general. Alternate Intelligence might just be the answer.

There is nothing artificial about intelligence.

A point to ponder.

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