A POINT TO PONDER: Life moves on ... but see if you can find the hidden agendas

Published on Sunday, 29 October 2017 20:25
Written by Phil Mikan

The investigation of Trump and Russia seems to be winding down and another I’m sure will be starting concerning what the DNC and the Clinton campaign may have tried to defeat Trump in 2016.

They may also have paid for the dossier report to be written by freelancers. Looks like the shoe has moved to the other foot.

The tragedy of the Las Vegas mass shooting has left the main stream news reports and caught fire on YouTube and other alternate news sources… all claiming that there was more than one shooter. Looking at the videos it seems very true. So that story seems to be fading into history.

The insensitive Trump presidency (talking to a fallen soldier’s wife over the phone) has run out of steam.

The story that keeps popping up is the DNC and what they did to try and undermine Trump and Bernie Saunders when they were running against Hillary Clinton.

All of these stories are stuff movie scripts are made of, the sad fact is they reflect the world we live in today…a world of controlled chaos and unbelievable madness.

I don’t know about you my readers… but I am very sure that much of the news we receive is influenced by different agendas from both sides of the aisle…Democrat and Republican. We the people never know all the truth until many years after major events.

We find it harder and harder to believe what the government media informs us, just saying “government media” says it all.

Have some fun and see if you can detect an agenda when watching the news.

God bless America …again and again and again …God bless you as well.

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