Massachusetts lawmakers finally pass Alzheimer's legislation

Published on Tuesday, 29 May 2018 18:35
Written by Alzheimer’s is one of those diseases which unless you or a loved one is afflicted by it you can easily be unaware of the devastating toll it takes. Not just on the person afflicted but especially on the caregivers who lose control of their lives as much as the victim does.

By the Standard-Times in Massachusetts

A group of hardy advocates who traveled to the State House last week aren’t waiting for the happy moment when Alzheimer’s Disease might finally be cured.

Friends and family members of people who have suffered from the illness that causes memory loss are acting now to improve the lives of those already burdened with it. The House passed the Massachusetts Alzheimer’s Dementia Act (H. 4116) in January and the state Senate will consider it this summer. Among those listening to the SouthCoast group that went up to Boston on May 15 was Allison Blanck of Sen. Mark Montigny’s office.

The proposed law would establish a comprehensive state plan to address Alzheimer’s overseen by the Executive Office of Human Affairs.

It would create a permanent advisory council and require that curriculum on the disease be incorporated into medical education programs for renewing medical licenses.

It would create minimum training standards for elder protective services social workers; and require state hospitals to implement an operational plan for recognition and management of patients with dementia or delirium.

Alzheimer’s legislation like this is long overdue and as the huge Baby Boom generation begins to enter their retirement years more needed every year.

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