Red light cameras don't make streets safer

Published on Thursday, 6 September 2018 19:56
Written by Wilkes-Barre Citizens’ VoiceThey contend that the best way to improve intersection safety is through better road design and, especially, through longer times for the yellow light between green and red lights.

Like many states, Pennsylvania has authorized the use of automated camera systems at intersections to record and fine drivers who don’t stop for red lights.

A major new study of red-light camera use in Texas, however, indicates that the camera systems are better at generating fine revenue than they are at reducing accident numbers or improving public safety.

Economists Justin Gallagher and Paul J. Fisher examined every reported traffic crash in three large Texas cities over 12 years, several hundred thousand incidents. They found “no evidence that red-light cameras improve public safety.”

That substantiates the argument that red-light camera critics have made in Pennsylvania - that intersection safety isn’t improved by red-light cameras.

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