YOUR VIEW: My child's education in uncertain times

Published on Tuesday, 11 January 2022 20:51
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My child’s education in uncertain times with the New Year

To the Editor:

Just as we thought things were returning to normal, we are faced with school closings yet again!

My child’s education is back in limbo, and I wonder what is the future of my child’s education? And, at what cost?

These are the thoughts I grapple with as a parent in these uncertain times. With the recent increases in Connecticut’s covid-19 positivity rate, districts throughout the state have decided to close schools once again, despite the commitment of state leaders to keep schools open.

Where does this leave my child with regards to education? Where does that leave the many other kids in our state whose education also remains in limbo? We must not put our kids through a roller coaster ride of uncertainty. During the initial round of covid -19, students began adapting to the new reality of school closings and distance learning. Then there was a sense of normalcy as community spread was briefly under control, and kids were allowed to return to school.

Currently, we are seeing school closings yet again, and a return to distance learning with the discovery of new covid-19 variants, and a spike in positivity cases.

Perhaps the school districts can split the school week; with half of it done through remote-learning, and the other half in person. In this way, students may learn what is difficult to do remotely inside classrooms and in-person with teachers.

This pandemic has taken a toll on everyone including our children. And it is important that, in addition to the difficulties they are already facing, they do not lose out on their education, which is essential for their success and attainment of a bright future!

Ramon A. Garcia

New Britain

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