ERIN STEWART: Residents can expect Charter revision questions on ballots in November

Published on Thursday, 4 August 2022 11:28

New Britain Mayor

Since January the city has been in the process of considering multiple reforms to the City Charter, which is the guiding document that serves as the foundation of municipal government in New Britain. This process was started to ensure the City’s Charter was updated to reflect the modern times in which we live, and to make our local government operate more effectively to better serve the residents of our great city.  

A Charter Revision Commission was created and consists of members that were appointed by me and approved by the Common Council. Over the past six months the Charter Revision Commission and Common Council have held multiple public hearings in order to give residents the opportunity to weigh in on the proposed changes and ask any questions they may have had.  

This commission was charged with examining revisions to the Charter that include but are not limited to allowing for the creation and requirement of a Chief Administrative Officer position for the city, the return of minority party representation on the Common Council (which was eliminated in 2001), as well as making the Town Clerk and Tax Collector professional positions rather than elected ones. I stand in full support of the City of New Britain’s Charter Revision Commission’s recommendations because they will help modernize and professionalize the way our City functions, codify continuity of leadership and establish structural bipartisanship on our Common Council. These are all important reforms that will help move New Britain forward and plan to campaign aggressively this fall for their passage. 

I will use this column over the next couple of months to go into more detail about a different aspect of the proposed Charter revisions. This will be just one of the multiple outlets we will use to help ensure residents are fully informed about the Charter revision questions before they see them on their ballot on Election Day. 

The voters ultimately have the final say on the proposed changes to the City Charter on Election Day, which is November 8. If a majority of residents are in favor of the Charter revisions, then those changes are implemented immediately unless a specific date is otherwise noted. 

Together we can help ensure the New Britain’s transformation continues, and that the future remains bright for all who live, work, or visit this great city. Additional details on the proposed Charter revisions can be found at

Erin Stewart is the mayor of New Britain

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