OUR VIEW: Sharing rules for dogs - and for people

Published on Wednesday, 3 May 2017 19:54
Written by Staff

If the old adage is true - that imitation is indeed the sincerest form of flattery - then New Britain got a great compliment from a neighbor. A public safety panel in New Haven recommended adopting ordinances similar to seven provisions within New Britain’s local laws for animals, including adopting a section on “vicious or dangerous dogs.”

Under the suggested ordinances, a “vicious” or “dangerous” dog would be defined as one that has “attacked, bitten, or injured human beings without provocation,” though there would be some caveats (a dogs that attacks, protects or defends a person from an attack would not be considered vicious). The ordinance would stipulate that a dog defined as “vicious” would have one or several restrictions placed, including being micro-chipped, having signs posted where the dog lives and registration as a vicious or dangerous dog with animal control officials. New Haven is also looking at a New Britain provision which decrees that no person could keep “animals in any place or in any manner which is detrimental to human health.”

These are sensible rules for people living in close proximity, including city dwellers in New Britain or New Haven where both cities have seen incidents that justify their adoption. In fact, New Haven saw a woman fatally mauled by a dog in June 2016.

But, locally, canines may have as much to fear from humans as we do from them. We told you about at least three instances of neglect or abuse in New Britain and Plainville in the last few months, and have passed on a plea from police to report mistreatment.

Bottom line: Whenever you see abuse - to human or animal - the police want to know.

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