Our View: If you can read this, thank a teacher

Published on Saturday, 6 May 2017 20:04
Written by Staff


The National Education Association, together with the National PTA, has designated the upcoming days, May 7 to 13, as Teacher Appreciation Week, a time to pause and remember all that teachers do for our children, a time to honor the individual teachers in our lives.

In a joint tribute, the groups say: Look up “teacher” in the dictionary and you will likely find this definition: one who instructs. But there are a few adjectives missing from this definition … patient, knowledgeable, dedicated, compassionate, inspirational … the list goes on. As a caring professional who connects with students-and strives to discover what they’re passionate about to unlock their potential - you do so much more than simply instruct.”

And, we’d add, today’s teachers do it in a constantly changing - and challenging - atmosphere.

Certainly, those of us who went to school in another century would not recognize the complexity of today’s curriculum. The basics are still important - reading, writing, a knowledge of American history, for example, but today’s greater emphasis on math and science is designed to help our children meet the needs of tomorrow’s world.

And families are diverse: a mom and dad or make that a mom or dad, from homes both thriving and struggling - and a few with no home at all but still hoping to ensure their children get a good start in life - with the help of a teacher.

Please join us in thanking the men and women who have taken on these challenges and do it so graciously, dedicating their lives to educating others - from preschoolers to those who will next week graduate from Central Connecticut State University.

Let them know you appreciate all they do.

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