Our View: Remember Mom today

Published on Saturday, 13 May 2017 20:45
Written by STAFF


On Page 16 of this paper, a writer looks back on his good fortune, adding “I wish every child could be blessed to have a mother like mine.” And, we might also wish they could grow up in the magical place he was lucky enough to be born into - or, at least, that’s the way he remembers his 1950s childhood.

But most of us live in an imperfect, demanding, sometimes painful world, with moms that - every once in a while - get tired. Maybe even cranky.

And that’s the woman we want to honor today, Mother’s Day.

Today’s Mom is tugged in many directions. Her family is likely her first priority but ….Chances are, she works outside the home, not because she wants to leave her children but because she wants to give them a good life. And, as she gets older, her parents are also aging and now look to her for support - or at least a ride to the grocery store. And, if she’s married, she wants to be - and her husband expects her to be - a partner in a relationship that is, after all, the foundation of the family.

That’s a lot of balls to keep in the air and the amazing thing is: so many Moms do it. So many Moms skip sleep, wear last season’s outfits, work both at home and at the office, and still manage to give their children the love they need to grow into successful human beings.

These are the women we wish to honor today - the strong, loving women who live in the real world, who may make mistakes, may even yell once in a while, but who put their families first.

If you know someone like that, be sure to tell her you wouldn't trade her for anyone; not even June Cleaver.

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