A reader's plea to all whose job is hiring others

Published on Monday, 10 July 2017 21:36
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To the Editor:

Within a week....

Within a week, most people could impart the knowledge that they have about their work to another person.

Within a week, most people could learn many if not all of the required duties of another person’s job.

Employers, recruiters, HR at every level, the business community and every employed person needs to reflect on this basic truth - we are all dispensable. We are all not as great as we think.

Hiring personnel at every level needs to be more honest, more humane and more fair. They would do well to begin a reasonable period of reflection and self examination at regular intervals, now.

All of us will experience displacement at one point or another. Own that. Respect that. Show some empathy and some credibility.

Today, it is me, tomorrow it is you.

Here is my request:

Give everyone who wants to work a reasonable paid opportunity to do so.

If you have hundreds of jobs on your company website listed as open and available, be decent; fill them. If you don’t, remove them.

Give the unemployed a chance to have the dignity of a job and a paycheck.

Be a little less afraid to share what you know.

Devote a part of your work day every day to training someone how to do your job.

Be a little less focused on ego and discipline at your workplace.

Show some regular respect and appreciation for the work of your staff.

Show some compassion and some decency to the unemployed person, today. It could be you tomorrow.

C’mon people.

Daniel L. Healy

New Britain

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