OUR VIEW: Urban crime can be a tough nut to crack - without your help

Published on Friday, 8 September 2017 19:45
Written by Staff

Make no mistake about it: those who live in troubled neighborhoods often know what’s going on and who is behind the mayhem. But, talk to police? Not on their lives! Literally!

Some city residents may distrust the police. Others understand the perils of “being a snitch.” So, too often, the secrets of the streets remain just that - secrets. And criminals go free.

That’s too bad because many city residents long for safe streets - and know all too well the individuals who are terrorizing their neighborhoods. But they keep quiet, afraid of retaliation from the suspect or his cohorts.

But now there’s a solution - in New Britain, at least. According to Friday’s New Britain Herald, a new interactive website, www.solveitnb.city , allows users to upload videos, photos and tips - anonymously!

In today’s world, every 12-year-old has a smart phone, while their elders have a wide assortment of electronic gadgets, giving everyone a way of recording incidents and providing information to police. The site offers a look at wanted suspects, as well as details on recent crimes as a way of encouraging people to contribute their own tidbits of knowledge.

And, for those who worry about protecting their privacy, the police want your trust. A similar tipline by the New York City police drew this review from the website Engadget: “If the NYPD’s app were sending data back to the police that could identify the user of the app it would not have made it through Apple’s approval process.”

Put another way, this is an opportunity for citizens to contribute to the safety of their neighborhoods, while protecting their identity.

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