OUR VIEW: Bridge the divide - without hate or violence

Published on Thursday, 28 September 2017 19:40
Written by Staff

Certainly there have been times when this nation has been more divided than it is now. After all, the northern and southern states fought a war over slavery.

Within the lifetime of many of our readers, streets were filled with demonstrators and, yes, rioters over the Vietnam War and, led by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., civil rights. Families argued at the dinner table, friends turned their backs on each other and young men broke the law by refusing the military draft.

Not without tears and scars, but we overcame those divisions. And that gives us hope that we can overcome the current divide between those who believe that we have to “Make America Great Again” and those who disagree with what that means.

And no, it’s not just an intellectual discussion. Clearly, in many places in America, there are people who feel left behind, cheated of the promise that, if they just went to work, did their jobs and supported their families, their lives would be better than their father’s. Sadly, for many, that’s no longer enough.

As we search for answers to bridge this new divide, we’re certain of one thing: threats and vandalism are not the answer. On Wednesday, we brought you the story of a Southington family who found chalk messages in their driveway, criticizing them for supporting President Trump, and calling them racists and bigots. Anonymous, of course.

We hope you’ll join us in denouncing this kind of cowardly act just as we hope our leaders find a way forward for all Americans. Most of all, we hope that those who wish to take up this fight will do so peacefully - at the ballot box, not on the street.

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