Our View: Pull out all the stops to help Puerto Rico

Published on Saturday, 30 September 2017 20:45
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“After an earthquake shattered Haiti’s capitol on Jan. 12, 2010, the U.S. military mobilized as if it were going to war,” the Associated Press wrote.

Why, then, has it taken so long for the Trump administration to respond to Hurricane Maria, the deadly storm that has already taken 16 lives on an American territory.

Within two days of the Haitian disaster, 8,000 American troops were enroute while eight days after Maria struck Puerto Rico, only 4,400 service members were on the ground. In Haiti, our country sent more than 300 helicopters; to date, there are about 40 helicopters delivering food and water to remote sites on the island where roads, power and access to gasoline for generators have been washed out.

And yet, acting Homeland Security Sec. Elaine Duke said she was “satisfied” with the response.

We, however, are not. Each day that passes puts more lives - the lives of American citizens - at risk.

Ask yourself: How would you expect the government to act if Maria had spread her winds and water throughout the streets of Bristol?

We know the answer. First, you would give and give generously, as so many of you have. But you would also demand that your government make this disaster priority one.

Our Connecticut Congressional delegation has already done so. Now it’s time for you to raise your voices, letting the people in Washington know that saving American lives is a higher priority than chiding the NFL.

We need to pull out all the stops in helping these devastated islanders.

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