OUR VIEW: Racism - ignorance? - visits our local towns

Published on Thursday, 19 October 2017 19:35
Written by Staff

Take back your country, white man!

Southington residents woke up Wednesday to fliers filled with abhorrent messages, obviously racist and possibly sexist! These leaflets, previously sighted in Bristol, were filled with hate and empty of an understanding of how this country was built. They also revealed the cowardice of the perpetrators who spread their message anonymously, at night, unwilling to stand by their abhorrent views.

There’s nothing new here, of course. Bigotry is as old as the country. But we do wonder why these rants are appearing now and why here? In these days of “white rights” versus antifa, central Connecticut is certainly not filled with members of either cohort.

But those who follow trends tell us that “communities” may mean something different now than it has in the past. People gravitate to others who hold views like their own and it’s no longer a matter of finding them within their own neighborhood; now they can find like-minded people on the internet and isolate themselves from anything but the poisonous message of the “group.”

That is why education is so important - and why the majority of Connecticut’s well-educated citizens are finding these messages so abhorrent. An accurate reading of our history would remind the perpetrators that, yes, as they say, this is the country our ancestors died for - ancestors of every color, every creed, from everywhere on the globe.

Town leaders have vehemently rejected the message of these fliers, making it clear that racist appeals will fall on deaf ears in this educated town. The right path, then, is to waste no more time on these haters: instead, let’s come together to support the right of every man - and woman - to live freely in this country.

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