Our View: Where was school leadership in decision to fire coach?

Published on Saturday, 21 October 2017 20:19
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We join with the many readers who have expressed surprise and dismay as they learned about the firing of New Britain boys basketball varsity assistant coach Darwin Shaw.

You have been demanding answers as to why this 32-year veteran, who compiled a 457-115 record in more than three decades with the JV team, was pushed aside.

From what we have learned, all Shaw was told was that the new head coach, Kurt Reis, said he was just bringing in his own people. But where was the high school leadership in this decision?

We understand that such choices are common at the pro level but many of you were shocked by the ruthlessness of it, especially because Shaw has given so much for so long to New Britain athletics. In the eyes of those who knew him, he served as a great example as a leader of men within the school and sports programs.

Making matters worse, Shaw didn’t even get the message that he was out of a job until after the school year had started, making it more difficult for him to find a position at another school.

The bottom line, however, is - or should be - that, the aim of high school athletics shouldn’t be winning at all costs. Yes, sports plays an important role in the high school experience. The excitement of the game, the fun of winning, the camaraderie with teammates – that’s all important.

But, more important is the fact that, with the right leaders, these young people learn values such as perseverance, honesty and loyalty – lessons that will last a lifetime.

And, for 32 years, they learned them from Darwin Shaw.

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