Winter is coming along with cold and gloom

Published on Sunday, 5 November 2017 21:00
Written by Phil Mikan

Is it just me? Can you feel it, too? I don’t want winter to come this year. I don’t want the dark cold, and certainly don’t want the snow. But mostly, it is the sense of gloom I don’t want to confront this year. I really just want to wish winter away - you know, “winter, winter, go away, don’t come back any day!” It’s the first time in my life I really feel that way.

Maybe it’s the circus in the Emerald City and the constant media attacks on everyone, but what it boils down to is an attack on the American people. I think that’s it.

I feel like the country has been under attack since before Trump – BT, a new-era reference. You know, like BC or AD (those have been changed for the benefit of non-Christians, but I can’t shake them - it will always be 200 BC or 147 AD for me. The Trump era has changed the country.

We have Muslims shooting Americans; we have Muslims running Americans down on bicycle paths in New York. Americans shooting Americans in Las Vegas. I mean shooting hundreds, and we don’t know why.

The president gives a fallen soldier’s family a condolence phone call, and he’s attacked for not saying the right thing. Why would that be news? Why would a congressman be privy to the conversation?

There is no letup, so I am going to resign from any news watching and let the brighter, smarter people out there tell me when something really important is happening. Maybe the cowboy-hat-wearing congresswomen can tell us what it all means.

How did the lowest common denominators become major players in America’s destiny?

I guess we tried - the best and the brightest, right.

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