OUR VIEW: Let's get the truth out in the open

Published on Friday, 15 December 2017 21:55
Written by staff

The initial response to Thursday’s police-involved shooting of a still-unnamed suspect and his two companions at a New Britain intersection brings into the spotlight several issues that need hard looks.

First, a curious distribution of information - with police releasing some information, while being tight-lipped about other details - leaves open all kinds of suspicions, and for good reason.

We don’t know the identity of the man shot and killed by police, nor his race or background.

We don’t know the identities of the officers now on desk duty after the incident - normal procedure after such an event.

We don’t know if the police were under attack, with their safety endangered, or their actions were proactive against suspects thought to be very dangerous.

Then we now have a 15-year-old youth back on the streets after being caught with a handgun and in the company of men who were buying a substantive amount of heroin and were possibly involved in several violent robberies in the city, police say. We’re told this is just what has to be done with a juvenile under state law.

The other involved man, Noah Young of Bloomfield, just three years older than the youth, is being held on $1-million bond under essentially the same accusations without the gun charge. How does that make any sense?

We agree with the call for a full and transparent investigation by all the agencies in authority. Perhaps it’s time to rethink some of the laws “protecting” juveniles, too.

We hope these and other questions are swiftly, and fully, answered by the investigators, with clear explanations of how and why the police actions were warranted, which presumably they were. It’s hard to argue about what the ACLU said in its response to the incident:

“At the minimum, when the police shoot and kill someone, the public deserves full transparency.”

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