OUR VIEW: Governor offers a taxing idea

Published on Thursday, 1 February 2018 19:51
Written by Staff

Can highway tolls fix Connecticut’s transportation, infrastructure and fiscal woes?

Gov. Dannel Malloy seems to think it’s a move in the right direction.

On Wednesday, the governor held a press conference to unveil his proposal to raise money for infrastructure repairs and road improvements across the state.

Malloy outlined several ideas including: a 7 percent hike in the gas tax, a $3 per tire fee on the purchase of new tires and implementation of electronic tolling on state roads by Fiscal Year 2023.

“The combination of immediate and long term additional revenue provided by the governor’s recommendations represents a solution to maintaining our commitment to operate a safe highway, bus and rail transportation network and to avoid serious deterioration of our state and municipal transportation infrastructure,” state Department of Transportation Commissioner James P. Redeker said.

What might nutmeggers have to say about the governor’s proposals?

“What?” “Ouch!” “No way!” may come to mind.

Anyone who travels on Connecticut’s highways, over its aging bridges and across its pock-ridden roadways knows the state’s infrastructure must be maintained, upgraded and improved.

But with a state mired in a budget crisis, paying for road and bridge projects appears nearly impossible.

So, we ask, why should the taxpayers who have been footing the bill all along now be expected to hand over more of their hard-earned dollars to fund DOT services they thought they had already paid for?

They shouldn’t.

No matter how the governor presents it, his proposed new revenue streams are nothing more than additional taxes on Connecticut residents.

Poor planning and apathy by former and current state officials and lawmakers has put Connecticut on the road to ruin.

This session, the General Assembly needs to map a new, bold course for the state, one that doesn’t include a one-way street to taxpayers’ pocketbooks.

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