THEIR VIEW: State-by-state sports betting rules a bad idea

Published on Sunday, 20 May 2018 20:54
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Opelika-Auburn News says the U.S. Supreme Court’s latest decision on sports gambling is concerning:

It was tough enough on sports-crazed universities such as Auburn and Alabama when last fall the FBI began revealing its findings and accusations in a nationwide, can’t-miss turkey shoot targeting NCAA basketball.

Then this week comes a U.S. Supreme Court ruling that clears the way for legalized gambling on sports for any state that wants it.

ollege sports, which is king here, is one of the biggest entertainment attractions throughout the United States, and all due diligence should be taken to protect the integrity of the game. That means making sure there are never even hints of unfair influence from high-stakes gamblers trying to influence a game’s outcome.

And that means universities and states have just inherited yet another headache in the red-tape world of sports regulation.

Chances are there are better experts to handle being charged with finding the answers to what should and shouldn’t be welcomed in Alabama than our politicians, which is why their best move at this point would be to let the dust settle and see what measures get proposed.

The NCAA, which governs most major collegiate athletic programs, and professional sports organizations are among those that do have immediate responsibility in this issue.

Don’t look for anything overnight from the NCAA, as its method of operation seems by design to include slow moves in the face of change.

Professional sports, on the other hand, such as the NFL and NBA, took no time in calling for help and going to Congress to find it.

They already argue that a federal regulatory framework for legalized sports betting is a much better option than a patch-work system of state-by-state approaches that could vary in all types and manner.

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