YOUR VIEW: Regionalization would save state money

Published on Tuesday, 19 June 2018 18:53
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By: William Wixon, Kensington

To The Editor:

Everyone knows and realizes that our state government is in a downward spiral of financial disaster. Why is this happening? In simple terms, spend more than you receive. The submissive state legislature should say no to the unreasonable demands of vested interests as the hole just gets deeper and deeper.

The general redundancy of all 169 municipal governments just adds to the deficit. There are multitudes of layers of high paid officials and administrators that are crippling every city and town in Connecticut.

If only our elected state legislature the two governor candidates had the courage and tenacity to offer a plan of changes that would ultimately reduce each town’s property tax bill.

Perhaps they might realize that the municipal governments of 169 towns should be merged into eight county governments.

This change could be implemented and still maintain the identity and integrity of each colonial town’s heritage.

All of the Connecticut citizens are just holding on precariously and praying that profound change of financial relief will become a reality.

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