YOUR VIEW: Lesser focused on student debt issue

Published on Tuesday, 7 August 2018 19:33
Written by Jessica Weaver, New Britain

To The Editor:

As a student at the University of Connecticut, I face the same steep concerns about loan debt and my future that other students across Connecticut and most of the nation are feeling.

For the vast majority of working people, paying for college means taking on incredible debt. This leaves many gifted students unable to attend the colleges of their choice, or financially crippled after graduating.

It has become increasingly difficult to become financially independent, and many students must rely on their parents to pay back loans, even with a job in hand.

In the upcoming 9th District Democratic primary for state Senate, one candidate understands the value of protecting our students and families, and of making sure we can all reach our highest potential. That candidate is Matt Lesser.

Matt wrote the nation’s first “Student Loan Bill of Rights,” and is currently protecting it from Betsy DeVos’s corporate attacks. In the state House of Representative, he has been among the most powerful voices in the fight for affordable college. He helped lead the charge against a budget proposal that would have further skyrocketed costs while gutting existing scholarships.

Affordable college isn’t just about justice for our students and families. It’s about investing in a brighter economic future for Connecticut, where we have the skilled workforce to attract and grow leading employers and quality jobs.

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