YOUR VIEW: Candidate dedicated to protecting Medicare Savings

Published on Tuesday, 7 August 2018 19:35
Written by Lauren Petersen, Newington

To The Editor:

No one is immune to the struggles that a health crisis can cause, and I believe the right to affordable, job protected medical treatment during these crises is a fundamental human right. No matter where we stand ideologically, I hope we are at least united in our refusal to sit back and watch others suffer, when we know that action can and should be taken.

In the 9th District, our community is quickly approaching an important Democratic primary election for the state Senate. When it comes to healthcare, there is only one right choice: Matt Lesser.

No candidate is better suited to the challenge than Matt Lesser. As a state representative, Matt has consistently fought to protect Connecticut’s Medicare Savings Program when it has been under attack. As a cancer survivor himself, Matt has led the charges for affordable healthcare, protections for pre-existing conditions, paid sick days, paid family leave, and more.

I hope that anyone who reads this will join me in supporting Matt Lesser on Aug. 14, as he strives to make a healthier, stronger Connecticut.

A vote for Matt is a vote for a future in which we can all afford to get sick.

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