YOUR VIEW: This teacher should be elected to Congress

Published on Friday, 17 August 2018 17:03
Written by

Liz Aaronsohn, Ed.D. Associate Professor Emerita Teacher

To the Editor:

You would think that sometime within a 53-year teaching career, I’d have met a few Teachers of the Year.

Nope. Not until this past week, when I met the 2016 national Teacher of the Year, Ms. Jahana Hayes. Having read her platform as a candidate for Congress, and seen her on video, I was inspired by her commitment, thoughtfulness, ideas, directness, courage, resourcefulness and accomplishments. Last Wednesday morning, on a very busy schedule to get around to 41 towns, she showed up to thank the New Britain volunteers for our work on her behalf. I found her more approachable, even more thoughtful than I had realized. Not just talking points-real conversation! Clearly, what made Jahana national Teacher of the Year can make her an outstanding Congresswoman: she can research and learn; manage classrooms full of sometimes volatile and sometimes reluctant adolescents; inspire and energize them to stretch beyond what they thought they knew; get purposeful work done in a context of caring. Isn’t that exactly what we need in this US Congress-a teacher out there on that anarchic playground? To tame the bullies by helping “kids” problem-solve, think, collaborate, respect each other, listen to each other, learn from each other, see the larger picture? Someone like Jahana!

It’s time for a teacher in our government!

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