YOUR VIEW: Streets should be named after honorable people

Published on Friday, 17 August 2018 17:04
Written by

Patricia Karwoski, Farmington

To The Editor:

Dispelling the false myth about Paul Manafort Senior It continues to baffle me as to why the media continues to give such a positive impression of the former New Britain Mayor Paul Manafort, Sr.

Growing up in the city I was quite aware of the controversy surrounding this mayor.

He has been viewed as a “beloved mayor” but this is not the whole truth. During the late 1960’s Manafort Sr. was mired in many corrupt and sometimes illegal activities. He was arrested for job fixing but not convicted. He was implicated in the Jai Alai scandal and his involvement in illegal gambling was documented by an investigative reporter, Les Colman in his book “Squeal”. In addition The Atlantic” published an article by Franklin Foeb March 2018 describing his less than honorable moral compass.

It appears that this history does not affect the favorable media coverage he still appears to be getting.

I was born and grew up in this culturally rich city, the “Hardware City” of the world. A place where immigrants were welcome and they and their children contributed to this vibrant city.

The recent publicity about Paul Manafort Drive is a constant reminder of what is wrong with honoring a man of questionable morality.

Statues and street names should be a lasting historical symbol that embodies those who truly deserve this recognition.

Paul Manafort Sr. and Paul Manafort Jr. do not represent or deserve this honor. They do not represent nor reflect the city’s true legacy.

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