YOUR VIEW: Powell needs to put his pen away

Published on Thursday, 30 August 2018 18:45
Written by Mike Hodis, New Britain

To The Editor:

I take in Chris Powell’s forays onto the New Britain Herald’s editorial page more out of morbid curiosity than in the hope of obtaining an informed opinion.

owell is journalism’s crotchety, old man, furiously rocking on his front porch, pausing only to blame everything from the moral decay of society to hangnails on “the government.”

ut with his recent piece on the grand jury findings of appalling, widespread sexual abuse of children within the Catholic church in Pennsylvania, Powell has traversed from amusing cluelessness to toxic ignorance.

He maintains that victims, children who were sexually exploited-often in horrific ways-by adults and who later try to find justice and restitution, are being “coddled” by society, because their lives have not been “irreparably damaged” and, after all, “emotional distress is only as bad as one makes it.”

Powell then dismisses the whole issue by blandly opining that it is possible that during youth “nearly everyone is sexually exploited to some extent by an adult.” He provides no proof.

His final conclusion: Power corrupts. “That’s life.”

If that is his understanding of the lifelong damage being sexually exploited as a child can inflict and his “solution” to the problem, it is time for Powell to put his pen away and stop insulting ink and paper.

The Herald could certainly put the space to better use.

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