YOUR VIEW: Candidate Hayes is an 'everyday American'

Published on Friday, 2 November 2018 20:44
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To The Editor:

I never planned on working for Jahana Hayes. In fact, I wanted little to do with the 5th District Democratic primary after the controversial convention. But then I met her.

I was invited to a meet and greet at the New Britain Diner and at the last minute I decided to attend. I was blown away by her passion and sincerity. Since then, I’ve moved from a committed volunteer to a full-time campaign staffer in just a matter of months.

My job as a campaign staffer has put me in direct contact with Mrs. Hayes’ diverse group of supporters.

Her supporters never cease to amaze me. They come from every race, religion and ethnic background.

They are from urban, suburban and rural communities. They are Democrats, Independents and yes, even Republicans. She appeals to all of these demographics because people across the 5th District see themselves in her.

Many politicians try to paint themselves as everyday Americans, but in reality, they often come from privileged backgrounds and are out of touch with their constituency. Mrs. Hayes does not have to pretend to be an everyday American because she is.

That is what makes her candidacy so special and that is what will make her an excellent congresswoman.

Alicia Strong

New Britain

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