OUR VIEW: A New Year's nightmare

Published on Wednesday, 2 January 2019 21:08
Written by staff

The glittering orb that is the focus of New York City’s New Year’s Eve celebration was not the only thing that took a sharp drop that night.

We are stunned to see how far we have fallen when it comes to public decency and decorum as evidenced by some of the TV antics on CNN, NBC and other media that had on-air personalities and celebrities “hosting” coverage of the Times Square party leading up to the ball drop.

The soggy weather notwithstanding, the hours-long lead-up to the actual countdown to midnight, was an out-of-control, poorly coordinated free-for-all of stupid stunts, drunken debauchery, disappointing musical performances and celebrities who lack impulse control.

CNN’s Andy Cohen behaved like a petulant child when informed by authorities that his umbrella violated security rules as he and co-host Anderson Cooper downed shots on live TV.

While over on NBC, model Chrissy Teigen spent several minutes offering graphic details about steaming her private parts to her co-hosts. NBC added to the train wreck by cutting away and missing the ball drop.

ABC’s New Year’s Eve broadcast featuring Ryan Seacrest was better, but not by much.

The Hollywood Reporter noted that all the networks saw a steep decline in viewership this year over previous years.

We recognize that New Year’s Eve is a time of fun and celebration. It’s a night to let loose, act a little goofy and have a drink or two.

What we don’t understand is the thought process of network executives who willfully damage their “journalistic credibility,” by encouraging news anchors to act like drunken idiots. Nor do we find any “entertainment value” in listening to self-absorbed celebrities talk about their bodily functions.

Social media has apparently brainwashed some people into thinking that there is no behavior too outrageous and no topic too gross for public consumption.

Our wish for the New Year is a return to a society that supports freedom of speech and expression without forsaking dignity and respect.

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