Trump once again fails to see the need for gun control, and defers to worse solutions

Published on Tuesday, 6 August 2019 16:26
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The Washington Post

For a moment on Monday, President Donald Trump offered a teasing hope that he would jolt the Republican Party into easing its roadblock on even the most obvious and popular gun-control measures. Following a grisly weekend of mass shootings, Trump tweeted in favor of “strong background checks” so that “something good, if not GREAT, [comes] out of these two tragic events!”

Soon enough, the president subsided to form. He read a speech that focused on mental health issues, violent video games and the Internet as major factors in the nation’s increasingly bloody culture of gun violence. “Mental illness and hatred pull the trigger. Not the gun,” he said.

But mental illness and hatred exist throughout the world, as do video games. Frequent mass shootings are unique to the United States. The reason is guns, and especially semiautomatics.

Trump did restate his support for one gun-related measure, so-called red-flag laws that would allow judges to order the temporary confiscation of firearms from people who present imminent threats to themselves or others. If the president actually lobbied the GOP to follow through on this, it would be a good step.

But Trump has a history of talking a big game on basic gun control, only to fail to follow through. And even if he surprises in this case, a new red-flag law would not be nearly enough. All firearms sales and transfers should be subject to checks - not just some, as is currently the case.

High-capacity magazines such as those used in this past weekend’s mass shootings, which allow shooters to mow down victims without breaking to reload, should be banned.

Yet, as the House has passed bills to do such things, the Trump administration has signaled opposition, and the Republican Senate appears uninterested.

No amount of sympathy for mass shooting victims will change the fact that the country’s cowardly Republican leaders are failing to address it.

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