THEIR VIEW: 3-day waiting period to buy a gun is reasonable

Published on Thursday, 27 February 2020 19:39
Written by The Nashua Telegraph

The New Hampshire House of Representatives this week passed legislation that would impose a waiting period between the purchase and delivery of a firearm.

Last year, a similar bill was vetoed by Republican Gov. Chris Sununu. The difference with this year’s bill is that it shortens the waiting time from seven days to three days. The legislation also includes exceptions to the waiting period, including for those who are in fear for their life in domestic violence situations.

Opponents of the bill say the Granite State is one of the safest in the nation, and that enacting such legislation only would be a slippery slope for future increases in waiting periods.

Those who support the bill note that their main goal is to curb potential suicides, especially with rates in the state on the rise.

The simple fact is, a waiting period would really do no harm. It does not curb rights in the Second Amendment, and there are few situations where a firearm is an immediate necessity.

A three-day waiting period seems reasonable, in that if it could prevent even one death from suicide, it would be more than worth the tiny sacrifice of such a short period.

Suicide rates are sharply increasing in our state, partly because the lack and sparse availability of mental health care.

This has been seen among the civilian population, as well as the law enforcement population, something that truly is alarming.

While this bill has a long way to go before it reaches Gov. Sununu’s desk, it definitely is worth serious consideration.

What residents must remember – and lawmakers, too – is that the government definitely isn’t trying to take their guns away. They are not trying the curb the right to bear arms, either.

A measly three days is worth it when it comes to purchasing any type of firearm, especially if it saves lives in the process.

Posted in New Britain Herald, Editorials on Thursday, 27 February 2020 19:39. Updated: Thursday, 27 February 2020 19:44.