THEIR VIEW: Blago is out of prison and still gaming the system

Published on Friday, 28 February 2020 19:30
Written by Perhaps it would have been easier to take had Blagojevich been humbled by prison. He clearly wasn’t.

By The (Moline) Dispatch & The Rock Island Argus

Nobody should have been surprised when Rod Blagojevich called himself a victim and a “political prisoner” last week.

Blagojevich never was very good at telling the truth.

He is good at gaming the system, and he did it again last week.

As we all know, the former Illinois governor is no longer in prison. President Donald Trump commuted his 14-year prison sentence last week, springing the disgraced governor four years early.

The president has said he was impressed with Blagojevich’s wife, Patti, in her appearances on Fox News, where she pleaded for mercy for her husband - and just happened to add that she thought the president was being railroaded by impeachment.

On Wednesday, Blagojevich also ladled praise on the president, declaring himself a “Trumpocrat.”

But what of the people of Illinois?

It was Blagojevich, their governor, who tried to sell a U.S. Senate seat and who shook down a children’s hospital, holding up state funds in order to get a campaign contribution.

It was Blagojevich, the state’s governor, who we all heard on those tapes, his bald-faced corruption on display. The words still repulse us.

In a state where corruption is endemic, Trump just cut it some slack.

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