YOUR VIEW: Not all firearms owners are 'gun toting nuts'

Published on Sunday, 24 May 2020 20:17
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By David Sherman

To the Editor:

In Rachael Davis’ letter (May 12), Davis referred to firearms owners as “gun toting nuts.” This view of gun owners is based on an inaccurate stereotype.

Most gun owners are decent, respectable people like you and me. They had to pass a background check and be approved by their state and local police. They took a safety course and paid several hundred dollars in fees. Most gun related violent crimes are committed by people who owned a gun illegally: repeat offenders who stole guns or bought them on the black market. Most people who own guns legally never commit a crime or get arrested. Most people who commit crimes with guns involved do not care about the law and the law did nothing to stop them.

The truth that people like Ms. Davis do not want to accept is that another law that “limit[s] gun ownership,” to use her words, will not stop gun violence.

David Sherman

New Britain

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