YOUR VIEW: What exactly are my taxes going to?

Published on Wednesday, 8 July 2020 20:45
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To the Editor:

Despite the challenges faced by families and businesses these past months due to mandated shutdowns and the resultant loss of income/business revenue, the City of New Britain successfully sent my approximately $6,000 in property tax bills on-time, and in colored ink.

Given that the Board of Education in this city accounts for more than 53% of the expenditures to which these taxes are applied (more than $126 million), why have my taxes failed to reflect savings as a result of closed schools these past months?

School parking lots have been empty, teachers and administrators have been home, and parents have lost income. Scarcity must also be a reality for our public sector when those who finance it lose money. Instead, it seems as though our governments’ budgets only grow.

Finally, I’d like to see a detailed plan for the coming years’ improvements to New Britain’s public school rankings - without the excuse that more funding is needed.

Families decide every day to abandon cities like New Britain due to confiscatory taxes and the poor schools to which these taxes are applied - schools ranked among the worst in the state. I expect answers from my local representatives and the mayor regarding the city’s failure to pass along savings from the past months school closures.

Frank Murphy

New Britain

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