YOUR VIEW: The staff at Stanley Golf Course has been amazing

Published on Sunday, 12 July 2020 20:46
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To the Editor:

New Britain has always had great parks and recreation programs. The recent renovations to the facilities at A. W. Stanley have enhanced that reputation.

I believe at the top of the list of good fortune we enjoy is the Stanley Golf Course … my vision of the Land of Oz.

After parking your car to get to the pro shop you take the walkway, which is now embedded with yellow markers, spaced six feet apart to remind you of the current pandemic recommendations. When you get to the top of “The Yellow Brick Road” you won’t find Dorothy or Toto … no Scarecrow, Cowardly Lion or Tin Man. What you will find, is the pro shop and PGA Professional Howie Friday and his friendly staff, always ready and happy to accommodate you.

When you start your round, it doesn’t matter if the starter puts you on the red, white or blue nine, you will find each hole immaculately groomed, from tee to green, thanks to the efforts of the Wizard of Oz … Superintendent of Operations Kevin DeVaux and his hard working staff.

I know I speak for all who play golf there when I give a collective “shout-out” to all those who are responsible for maintaining the Wonderful Land of Oz, at a time when the Wicked Witch of Coronavirus is running rampant. Thank you.

Joe Arnone

New Britain

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