YOUR VIEW: Turco has my vote for state rep

Published on Tuesday, 8 September 2020 21:05
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To the Editor:

I was very disturbed by the recent allegations made against Councilman Michael Camillo.

It is disturbing because I am left to conclude, based on the evidence, that either Councilman Camillo holds these disgusting views or he is content to perpetuate them in order to sow division for his own political gain. Before serving even a single year of his term on the council he is already aspiring for higher office and running for state representative.

During a public health crisis like the one we are facing; do we really want leaders who will abandon us during our time of need? I don’t know what Camillo stands for at all. To me, he just looks like a political opportunist who will utilize any tactic to advance his own interests.

Gary Turco, however, has done a fantastic job serving Newington during this time of crisis. He has provided daily updates of the health statistics via his social media and hosts weekly info sessions where provides citizens with important information related to the crisis.

In addition, Rep. Turco secured $1 million in state funds to be put into the town coffer, which allowed our property taxes to remain stable. It is clear which of the candidates actually has a track record of working for Newington. Gary Turco has my vote, and I hope you will join me in supporting him on November 3rd.

Jon Trister


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