YOUR VIEW: We support Mike Camillo for state representative

Published on Tuesday, 15 September 2020 19:47
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To the Editor:

As seniors and independent voters from Newington, we asked candidates, Michael Camillo and Gary Turco the following question. Both are running for state representative from the 27th District in Newington.

“Do you support and where do you stand on this issue regarding U.S. Senator Chris Murphy’s proposed legislation to remove police officers (school resource officers) from our schools?”

Michael Camillo responded with a resounding NO. We are still awaiting Gary Turco’s response.

As parents of a veteran police officer, we understand what is involved in policing. Gary Turco voted “Yes” on the Police Accountability Bill which included taking away qualified immunity.

We are ashamed of Gary Turco who caved in and supported this bill. Turco’s knee-jerk reaction following the crowd and voting along party lines deems him to be a follower. Turco disappointed Newington citizens with his vote. We hope he will regret his vote.

We don’t think Turco has any idea what the impact of the bill will be. We feel it was more important for him to vote party lines to win an election than to support the citizens of Newington.

Newington needs a leader like Michael Camillo. Camillo demonstrates this on a daily basis as he runs a successful business caring for the people of Newington’s needs and the needs of those beyond our borders. Camillo is a leader.

Now, more than ever the people of Newington needs to support and vote for Mike Camillo as our next state representative so he can stand up for us in Hartford.

Jay Slater


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